At Ladybones, we are primarily a letterpress shop.  Letterpress is a direct relief print method, meaning that your design is printed by transferring ink from plate to paper. Here are some of the reasons why we love letterpress:

First and foremost, we love the tactile quality that letterpress is famous for.  The "hit," "strike," or "impression" stays in the paper, which means that there is tangible evidence of the printing process.  We're proud to print our pieces one at a time, which gives us maximal control over the quality of the print, and we think that when you hold a letterpress piece in your hand, that care is immediately evident.

The colors are true and vibrant, and the lines are sharp.  Digital printing is done by accumulating groups of small dots of four colors to produce the image.  While the resolution of the dots is usually small enough that the resulting print looks "close enough," we can really see the difference especially when viewed side by side. 

On top of that, we mix the ink by hand.  You're a picky designer type?  No big.  Mail us a swatch and we'll match it!  Or come in person and we'll do it together (but you've gotta be patient as I clean the press between shades).

We pride ourselves on being able to print on pretty much any substrate.  You want some crazy handmade paper, something super thick or super thin, vintage paper that your grandfather left you, cork, leather, fabric, or wood veneer? 


(Certainly there are some things we can't print on, but the things we can print on are pretty diverse; hence our motto, "we put ink on things".)

We're not prone to being precious about letterpress, or waxing poetic about luscious cottony paper  - though of course we do love luscious cottony paper, we like dense and scratchy paper too! There are lots of other great things about letterpress, but we're sure you'll discover the aspect that really strikes your fancy.  

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Invitation printed by Ladybones, designed by the couple.

Invitation printed by Ladybones, designed by the couple.

We had a small wedding but really wanted to have nice invitations. Enter Ladybones. Annemarie worked with us to pare down our design elements so that our invitations were affordable and looked gorgeous. We loved them so much that they are now framed in our house, something we didn’t think we would ever do until we held them in person. It was one of the most rewarding experiences we had while planning our wedding.
— Kim B.