industrious life

Industrious Life is our OG stockist. The two Pattis who own and operate the shop have been nothing short of amazing and their shop is just beautiful. We’re so proud to be one of their vendors, and glad that they can allow us to maintain a foothold in the Dogpatch, one of our favorite SF neighborhoods.

Fortune Emporium

We’ve only been to Fortune Emporium through the magical portal of our little screens, but we’re so impressed and inspired by the way Nadia conducts her business. We hope to keep Fortune Emporium stocked up on cards, notebooks, and pencils for a long time to come!


Cult party nyc

Unbelievably stoked to be carried in this radical intersectional feminist witch shop! Highly recommend their instagram feed for magic, feminism, rage, and raw joy.


Plaza: Be inspired

Plaza is the premiere gift, card, and design shop in Annemarie’s home town of Arcata, California, and she’s been a customer there for as long as she’s had money to spend. It’s so delightful to be able to offer our products to the Humboldt community through Plaza!