Requesting a quote

Hey folks, if you're getting ready to request a quote, here's a little rundown of the info we need.

 - What size is the piece? (rough estimate)
- Do you have a print method preference? (letterpress, silkscreen, digital, offset)
- How many colors? (if letterpress or silkscreen)
- Do you have a paper preference? If you don't know your paper brands or lingo, just describe the attributes of your ideal paper for this project.
- Do you have a need for true metallics or other shiny finish (i.e. foilstamping)?
- What is your timeline? Do you have a hard deadline?
- Do you have any hard budget constraints?
- Do you need design help, or do you have a file ready?
- If your file is ready, or if you have a sketch/mockup, please send that along

Thanks for your time!

You can reach us by phone at 505-886-1564 or by e-mail at