We love to print the weird and the wooly, the hybrid projects that need a special touch or a workaround, that are a puzzle or a challenge.  We do letterpress, silkscreen, and foilstamping, and we regularly collaborate with offset and digital printers to create multi-method pieces.  We have fine bookbinders on speed dial, we know where to go for complex die jobs, and we have the will and the know-how to work with off-the-wall materials.  We have printed from worn-down, warped vintage plates, hand-inking and wiping, and it was hard, but we'd do it again.  We are even willing to print very small runs --- all the way down to just one copy.

Get in touch for a quote.  We will send you a quote within 2 business days of receiving all the pertinent details.

All of our services are special, and our special services include:

  • Letterpress
  • Graphic design/Illustration
  • Foil stamping
  • Book Design
  • Bindery tasks

You can see some of our work here.  If you want to see some of our stuff in person but are not able to come to our studio, let us know what you are looking for and we will send along relevant pieces.  E-mail us at annemarie@ladybonesprint.com to request samples or a quote.

We also offer print project management services, or if you want to get your hands dirty and print your own wedding invitation, business card, or holiday greeting, we offer private instruction, group instruction, and press assistance.

A brief list of dream print jobs: letterpress or foilstamped beer labels for homebrewers; handbound chapbooks for poets; letterpress recipe cards for chefs; custom journals with beautifully patterned, client-designed covers; fancy steampunk sci-fi wedding invitations with edge gilding and lined envelopes; glow in the dark marbled endpapers; foilstamped leather hangtags, patches, or labels; huge 7-color posters for graphic artists; multimedia calling cards for street performers; album covers for punk bands; handbound sheet music folios for fiddle players; broadsides of all kinds.

 contact us if any of those are up your alley.