We love creating wedding collateral here at Ladybones. How do we get from day dream to finished product? It usually goes like this:

  •  We determine what kind of suite you need. How many pieces, what does it feel and look like, what is your budget, do you want the works or something simpler?
  •  We establish a timeline – is this a rush job, or are you way ahead of the game?
  • If we are doing design work, we exchange inspiration and ideas to come up with a design concept.
  • You approve an estimate and deposit is paid.
  • If we’re designing something for you, we send you first round of designs and subsequent revisions (usually just one or two.)
  • We go to print! You can choose to approve a hard copy in person, by mail, or with a photo via text or email.
  • Once we’ve printed, and stamped, cut, lined, or finished any other special details, we mail it or drop the finished pieces off to you in person.   

And that’s it! Weddings are some of our favorite custom projects, because each wedding is unique and specific, and we get immense satisfaction from handing over a finished job that we know will never be exactly replicated. 

So drop us a line! We want to print your Save the Dates, table numbers, monogrammed tags, five piece suite, or whatever you have in mind!

Erica & Olivia's invitation, coordinated by Be Hitched

I wanted to say thank you for all of the amazing work you did on Erica and Olivia’s invitation suite. You put so much care and detail into all of your work, and I want you to know that I see that (and so do my couples!!), and appreciate that so much. I’m still in awe that you were able to create E+O’s invitation suite with a 2 week turnaround time!! And I am extra grateful for all of the mailing that you did while I was out of town. Thank you so much for that.

I checked in with the brides and this was what they said: We received the invitations and they are so gorgeous!!!! WOW! So impressed! Thank you, such a great job!

Thank you as always!
— Rebecca Pfiffner, Be Hitched Event Planning & Design