The Listerine Martini Trade Edition


The Listerine Martini Trade Edition


Paul E. Rowley (LaPier) came to Ladybones through the wilds of the internet, looking for someone who could construct a chapbook with handmade paper covers. This evolved into the publication of The Listerine Martini.

The trade edition is digitally printed and singer sewn.


Praise for The Listerine Martini:

“Tiny, well-crafted universes of disquiet, humor, tenderness, and rueful irony. A brilliant achievement.” – Kwame Dawes, author of Duppy Conqueror: New and Selected Poems

“Thank fucking heavens for The Listerine Martini… Push the tired contructs aside. This is good. Funny. Deadly serious. And I don’t say that about all the girls.” – Joan Naviyuk Kane

“La Pier’s voice compels with its combination of gritty detail and bold feeling – the poems may be small but the spirit is vast.” – Joseph Millar, author of Overtime

“Paul E. LaPier says, 'There is a Hole in the Middle of This Frybread' and he enters it, much like Alice going down into the rabbit-hole. What he sees is a harsh, often comical, thoroughly unique view of Native American life and lifeways. A new and exciting voice!” – Adrian C. Loui

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